My  name is Frankie Anthony, I am owner and Broker of Anthony Realty and Waterfront Properties.  I actually started learning about Rough River property at the age of 12.  I never dreamed it would be my career.  At the age of 12 I loved spending time with my grandfather and began coming to the office with him.  My uncle and grandfather sold property they owned on Rough River lake.  Shortly before my sixteenth birthday my grandfather passed away.  My uncle, George Fentress,  asked once I got my drivers license if I wanted to work with him at the lake.  At the age of 16 I started selling family owned property for the huge salary of $50 per week.  I worked 7 days aweek during the summer and weekends while in high school.   In 1984 I enrolled at Western Kentucky University.  I continued working the office for $75 a week.  In 1986  I graduated from Western with a degree in Real Estate.  In  March of 1987,my uncle  handed the electric bill and said it was time for me to go on my own and Anthony Realty and Waterfront Properties was started.  My uncle and I continued  to work hand in hand buying and selling property that he owned and that we owned.  It was also the start of my real estate company.  I would list and sell property for others.  I would not be were I am today if it where not for my uncle George Fentress.  He taught me more than any class or professor ever dreamed of.  He was my uncle, my partner, my teacher, my family and my best friend!  He is the man who started my career and I could never explain what he meant to me.  We lost him in 2004 and he will always be missed. This is now my 19th year of owning Anthony Realty and it has been a huge part of my life.  This is my 24th year of selling property on Rough River.  I have 2 sales associates who now work with me.  My sister, Darla, teaches in Owensboro and  works part time.  Stephanie Storms started as my secretary in 2005 and received her sales associate license in April of this year.  Stephanie is a vital part of our business and can help you with the sale of your property or our rapidly growing property management division.  We are a family owned and operated business and here to help you.  Many of the properties we sell I personally own but feel safe if you let us handle your property it will get the same care as if it where our own.


Sol F. (Frankie) Anthony       Married- CAROL      Children-Nikki 18, Stacey 16, Sean 9  

HOBBIES-  WE farm and raise registered cattle and  anything the kids are involved in

INTERESTING FACT:  I first met my wife in pee wee baseball at the age of 8.  We had our first date 15 years later.  Kind of slow wasn't I.  We celebrate our 21st anniversary this later this year.

Darla Sue Hoskins                    Married- Michael Hoskins     16 great years

HOBBEIS- I love antiques they are my weakness and spending time with my dogs and husband not in that order all of the time.

INTERESTING FACT:  I love to shop it does not matter for what.  Stores, auctions or yard sales just as long as my mind says bargain.


Stephanie Ann Storms              Married- David Storms      Children- Thad 22 and Zack 19

HOBBIES- I enjoy boating and any type of sports that the boys are participating in.  My home is located on Rough River and I love working in my yard and boating. 

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